Forget everything you’ve learned about sex from religion. The Bible is explicit about what is not allowed sexually. Nothing is needed but its clear instructions.

And God does not watch intimate or personal things.

And for a couple who are married, don’t even worry about anything in the bedroom. Love is the only requirement. Time to fix the bedroom!

Real Christians have the best sex because we have superior freedom.

Frequency of sex. Talk about it with your partner.

You will be ceremonially unclean for one hour after sex. But if it is urgent or an emergency, pray anyway.

Sex is a part of life and you were created to enjoy it within marriage to the degree you would definitely not want anyone else.

Body signals indicate when Holy Spirit is active. It’s how we are designed. It is not active during private and intimate things. Isn’t Our Father a genius? It’s one of the reasons we were designed with two sets of nerves. To experience romantic love when Holy Spirit is not active. Absolute privacy.

There are some things you may experience in the bedroom that you think are Holy Spirit, but they are things called “wonderful things”. They are things in your mind. You’ll work it out.

Masturbation is a personal choice matter.  We are dignified with it.